Mid-Atlantic Children's Services, Inc. (MACS)
Mid-Atlantic Psychological Services (MAPS)

Dr. Christopher L. Bishop created Mid-Atlantic Children Services, Inc (MACS) in 2003 with the goal to assist children and families in need.  His graduate research was conducted at the Progressive Life Center and he witnessed how the integration of treatment and culture improved the lives of families.  This work transformed how he viewed psychological work and his beliefs that theory and culture were a necessity to healing.  His commitment to ensuring that children and families receive culturally competent interventions became the cornerstone of MACS.  MACS has dedicated time and services into providing psychological and therapeutic services to various public charter and private schools.  MACS is well known for diagnostic and educational assessments, individual, group, and play therapy to address the needs of children and families and to improve their socio-emotional functioning and address educational barriers.

In 2008, Dr. Bishop created Mid-Atlantic Psychological Services (MAPS) to focus on adult mental health and address the complex issues that impact individuals from young adulthood to later in life. Dr. Bishop and his team have made the commitment to assist this population.  MAPS, through psychological and community interventions, provides clients with the knowledge and tools to create a positive self-transformation.  MAPS believes that familial, historical, cultural, and spiritual energy are essential to explore when assisting individuals through their process of healing and evolving.

Over our years of providing psychological services, evaluations, and consultation services, Mid-Atlantic Services’ history of providing psychological assessments, treatment, and consultation services has grown exponentially from a single practitioner to an organization with several practitioners working as psychologists, therapists, counselors, evaluators, and forensic examiners. Our motto is Changing Lives for a Better Tomorrow, which represents our core values.


This symbol combines two separate Adinkra symbols from Ghana, representing life transformation. The “Morning Star” represents a new start to the day, while the “Wheel” represents rotation or independent movement. Combined these two symbols create the SESA WORUBAN symbol.

The MACS/MAPS philosophy embodies the SESA WORUBAN, as we provide quality services with a cultural approach. This approach is geared toward fostering positive life transformations and assisting all people from diverse backgrounds to strive for emotional well-being.